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 Property History

Located in nationally-recognized Prime Trophy Whitetail Deer Country in North Central Missouri (Mercer County), this 500 acre private wildlife haven has been intensely developed and managed for Trophy Whitetails and Wild Turkeys since 1997.  Your host and guide, and owner of the property, Roger W. Raisch, has developed a network of extensive food plots, and other habitat features on the property, that attracts and holds plenty of trophy bucks, long-bearded gobblers, does, and flocks of turkeys.

For the first time in 2009, a very limited number of guests were offered the opportunity to exclusively hunt the property with the assistance and guidance of Roger, a well known wild turkey and hunting authority.   The highest quality Prime Hunting Experience is what you can expect …..lots of game seen, opportunities to bag a trophy, undisturbed tranquil settings, and the feeling that this is your very own private wildlife haven….and it will be during your stay.

The ranch has been very lightly hunted by the owner, with only a few trophy deer and turkeys harvested over the past 15 years.   For more than ten years prior to 1997, the property had light hunting pressure as well.  In addition to an abundance of lush food plots, the property features over 200 acres of corn or soybeans planted annually, creating even more attraction, food sources, and growth potential for the trophy bucks and boss gobblers that inhabit the property.  This ranch is one of only two for miles around that have attractive agricultural crops for wildlife….it is like an oasis for deer and turkey.  Trails and miles of woodland edges provide easy access to exceptional deer habitat and stand locations for hunters.  Deep ravines and mature hardwoods make excellent turkey roosts.