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 Guest Accommodations

The property has been developed for low impact, high-quality, stealthy hunting.  This means that human activities and noise are kept to a minimum, which maximizes the opportunities to see lots of game, and provides a quiet, tranquil environment to enjoy your time hunting.  You will not find a large main lodge, lots of ATV and vehicle traffic, and other things associated with much larger operations and more expensive hunts.  You should experience a relaxing and pleasant time with your hunting companions in and around your cabin and have no interference from others while hunting the property.

You have full use of a new, modern 750 square foot heated cabin/house which will accommodate up to 4 guests comfortably.  The cabin/house is located on the very edge of the property.  Therefore, your movements in and around the cabin area will not spook game nor compromise your hunt in any way.  In addition, a heated 28' travel trailer is located next to the cabin.  It can house 2-3 guests. 

Please be aware that due to moderate or heavy rain, the vehicle trails can become extremely muddy very quickly, which can cause your vehicle to get stuck, even a four-wheel-drive unit.  Getting stuck, or grinding your way through lots of mud, tends to tear up the property and causes erosion which is not desirable.   Therefore, we ask you to only use ATV vehicles, or move around on foot, during these periods or when moderate or heavy rain is expected.  The property does dry out quickly, however.  If you do not have an ATV, one will be available to accommodate your movements around the property during extremely muddy conditions.  If your vehicle does get stuck, equipment is available to remove your vehicle..  We will advise and assist guests in an attempt to keep them from getting their vehicles stranded due to extremely muddy conditions.  

Note: The cabin/house is located next to a maintained gravel road, and the parking area immediately around the cabin has an adequate layer of gravel, so there is no risk of getting stuck in and around the cabin area.

Optionally, you may wish to stay in a nearby motel, the cost of which is your responsibility.

Camp Ammenities Provided:
Fresh drinking and cooking water
Fully functional hot and cold running water
Full bathroom with lavatory, stool, and shower stall
Kitchen with refrigerator and full-size stove/oven
Initial supply of ice
Game cleaning facilities
Outside gas grill and patio furniture
Cooking utensils, pots, pans, dishes, glassware, silverware
Comfortable beds
Table, chairs, and sofa
Bedding, pillows, sheets, blankets, towels, wash clothes

Provided Hunting Equipment:
Ladder Stands
Ground Blinds
ATV transportation if needed
Basic tree stand safety belts (you are encouraged to bring your own, however)

Things to Consider Bringing Along:
Your own Tree stands, Ladder Stands and Blinds
Sleeping bag
Non-scent shampoo, soap
Liquid refreshments (alcoholic beverages allowed, but not consumed while hunting)
Your own tree stand safety belt
Your own ATV
All other standard hunting gear

Eating Arrangements:
Breakfast:  On your own.
Lunch:       On your own - Prepare meal in cabin or visit local restaurant.
Dinner:      On your own - Prepare meal in cabin or visit local restaurant.
Note: Local restaurants and grocery stores range from 6-15 miles from property.