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 Guest Requirements

All guests are expected to abide by the following requirements:

-Abide by all Missouri hunting laws and be properly licensed.

-Use best efforts to locate all wounded game (staff of MissouriPrimeHunts.US are usually available to assist).

-Must not wantonly leave or abandon commonly edible portion of game harvested.  In other words, you must consume, process, or give away the meat from any animal harvested.  In the event you wish to donate the meat locally, follow the suggestion of MissouriPrimeHunts.US staff on where and how to donate it.

-Report all incidences of wounded game that was not recovered and all harvested game to MissouriPrimeHunts.US staff immediately after the incident by phone or in person .

-No loaded guns in or on vehicles, or inside cabin, while on property.

-Follow all general safety rules concerning gun/bow handling , treestand operations, and ATV operations.

-Hunt in your assigned area only (if asked to do so by staff of MissouriPrimeHunts.US).

-No consumption of alcoholic beverages while engaged in hunting or shooting.

-No operation of motor vehicles on property while consuming alcoholic beverages or under the influence of alcoholic beverages.

-No possession of illegal drugs or other unlawful substances on property.

-No consumption of prescription drugs that would impair your ability to hunt and function safely on the property.

-Demonstrate proficiency and accuracy with gun and/or bow at expected shooting distances if asked to do so by MissouriPrimeHunts.US staff.  Shooting range facilities are available on property.

-Be courteous to all other guests and staff of MissouriPrimeHunts.US.

-Follow all safety rules provided by MissouriPrimeHunts.US.

-Follow all game harvest rules of MissouriPrimeHunts.US.

-Leave cabin/house in the same condition you found it.

-Report any damage to cabin/house or property.

-Pay any “Extra Fees” incurred before departure.

-Pay for any damages to property in accordance with “Hunt Contract” upon request.

-Adhere to all directives of MissouriPrimeHunts.US staff while on property, which are designed to provide you with a safe, enjoyable hunt.

-Adhere to established check-out time.


Note: If a guest does not adhere to the requirements listed here, and to the hunt contract, he/she may be asked to leave the property with no refund of their hunt fee and no further hunting allowed.