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 Expectations and Guest Services

While guests do expect to bag a trophy buck or gobbler, MissouriPrimeHunts.US does not guarantee that you will bring home the trophy of a lifetime.  Hunting by its very nature is a hit and miss activity.  Weather conditions, changing game movements, human activity, farming operations, changing food sources, the guest’s own abilities and hunting experience, and other factors, all play a part in determining your success.  However, MissouriPrimeHunts.US does make a commitment to use our best efforts to help the guest in his/her quest to see lots of game, bag a trophy and have a safe, fun time while staying on the property.

 Specifically, we will do this for you:

-Provide expert advice on current game movement and sightings on the property, including various physical indications of the presence of game (ie: scrapes, rubs, droppings, trails).

-Review trail camera photos of game with guests that may be available.

-Tour the property with guests, showing them the location of all erected treestands and blinds, and suggest other suitable locations in the event guests wish to set up their own treestands or blinds.

-Suggest hunting locations where current conditions indicate that game can be found.

-Provide all guests with a detailed aerial map of property.

-Assist guests in setting up tree stands/blinds upon request (as staff time permits).

-Assist guests in removing harvested animal from hunting location (as staff time permits).

-Transportation to and from hunting locations, or provide ATVs to guest when conditions are unsuitable for normal travel.  Under normal, dry conditions, the guest should plan on driving their own vehicle from the cabin onto the property and back.  Advice on where to park in relationship to hunting location will be provided.

-Assist guest in tracking and searching for wounded game.

-Cleaning, butchering, and processing of game is the guest’s responsibility.  Facilities are provided, along with advice on local commercial game handling services.  Game bags will be provided as needed.

-Assign hunting locations in the event of a conflict between different hunting parties.

-Minimize farming activities while guests are hunting.  While we can’t guarantee this, the only activity will be spring planting and fall harvesting, which usually takes only a single day each.  We will make every effort to eliminate farming activity while guests are hunting.

-Provide all information necessary to operate the cabin in a safe, secure, and comfortable manner.

-Provide contact information and phone numbers of all MissouriPrimeHunts.US staff.

-Provide all local emergency services contact information, including sheriff, ambulance, game warden, and medical services.

-Provide local restaurant, sporting goods, grocery, game processing, and other retail store information and locations.

The property is set up for “semi-guided” hunting as described above.  However, one-on-one guiding services, provided by your host, are available at an additional fee of $200 per day per hunter.