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 Photo Gallery - Harvest
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MPH Fall Trophy Book Whitetail and Your Host Roger Raisch 250.jpg (33078 bytes) MPH Fall Trophy Pope and Young Whitetail with George Hansel and Your Host Roger Raisch  600.jpg (144921 bytes) MPH Fall Nice Mature Buck with Ryan Raisch 600.jpg (140029 bytes)
4 5 6
MPH Spring Gobblers with Gun or Bow 600.jpg (162545 bytes) MPH Fall Bobcats Are a Nice Bonus 600.jpg (129198 bytes) MPH Fall Turkeys with Guide Roger Raisch and Happy Customers 600.jpg (148633 bytes)
7 8 9
MPH Spring Another Successful Trophy Gobbler Hunt 500.jpg (108726 bytes) MPH Spring Giant Limb Hanger Gobbler with George Hansel 479.jpg (137118 bytes) MPH Spring Trophy Gobbler and Your Host Roger Raisch 400.jpg (111484 bytes)
10 11 12
MPH Trophy Book Buck.jpg (50392 bytes) MPH Your Host Roger Raisch with Spring Gobblers.jpg (33219 bytes) MPH.US Trophy Buck
Another MPH.US Trophy Buck