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 Background of Roger W. Raisch


Roger W. Raisch, turkey authority, author, seminar leader, producer, and accomplished hunter, has taught thousands across the country, over the past 25 years, the finer points of hunting. His personal appearances, seminars, Book, Audio and DVD tapes, magazine articles, and products have turned average hunters into Master Hunters. His unique, highly effective techniques of teaching the art of turkey hunting have been continued at TurkeyHuntingSecrets.com on the Internet.

Now, for the first time, he is opening up his 500 acre private wildlife haven for a very limited number of selected guests who want the ultimate in a high-quality, exclusive North Missouri deer or turkey hunting experience in Prime Trophy Whitetail Deer and Boss Gobbler Country . Roger, your host, will personally provide assistance and guidance to all guests.  Roger has intensely developed and managed the property for Trophy Whitetails and Wild Turkeys since 1997.  He has invested countless hours in developing a network of extensive food plots, and other habitat features, that attract and hold plenty of trophy bucks, long-bearded, long-spurred boss gobblers, does, and flocks of turkeys.

Roger is committed to providing his guests with the highest quality Prime Hunting Experience available ..lots of game seen, opportunities to bag a trophy, undisturbed tranquil settings, a new cabin to call your own, and the feeling that this is your very own private wildlife haven to explore, hunt, and enjoy.

Roger has judged calling contests, traveled widely sharing his knowledge, and consistently bags trophy game with gun and bow. In support of wild turkey restoration and turkey hunter education across America, he has served as National Convention Chairman, State Chapter President and Director for the National Wild Turkey Federation, one of the country's largest conservation organizations. Roger has authored a number of turkey hunter programs for several state departments of natural resources.

Email Roger to reserve your hunt date, or to ask questions about this unique opportunity.

Call or email Roger at rraisch@earthlink.net  515.991.8299 or 877.267.3877